SNO RX All-In-One
Super Concentrated All Purpose

SPARE HANDS CLEANING, LLC is happy to announce the new green products that we currently use in the customers home and/or business. SNO Rx All-In-One Super Concentrate All Purpose eco friendly green cleaner. It is the most effective cleaner solution that you are going to need. The All-In-One is a strong, most versatile cleaner that SNO offers. It can be used in so many ways. As a general purpose cleaner, on floors, windows, cars, pets and more. It's industrial strength can handle anything in the workforce and all cleaning areas in your home.

SNO RX products are formulated with 100% all natural & sustainable ingredients.
SNO also uses the most environmentally sensitive & biodegradable surfactants recommended by the US Environment Protection Agency.

The light citrus scent adds the perfect aroma to your clean home or business. It's also a safe product to use around people/pets with allergy sensitive conditions.

SNO RX is the # one product choice for SPARE HANDS CLEANING , LLC

Even though the SNO product can handle the tougher jobs that come along our way, SHC still uses Soft Scrub with Bleach in all bathrooms, as well as Bar Keepers Friend, and the Pumice stone.

"I work from home so you'd think I have all the time in the world to clean my house right? Wrong! Spare Hands Cleaning took the burden. After a hard days work I have the pleasure knowing that cooking, homework, and relaxing with the ones I love is all that was required of me!
The house always smells fresh and noticeably clean. From the first initial consultation until the time they leave Spare Hands Cleaning is always professional, Courteous and personable. Try'll like it!"

    -- Kelly R,   Waldorf, MD