Gift Certificates

Our "Gift of Leisure" gift certificates are a great way to show someone how much that you care. The certificates are a way that you can say: Thank you! Happy Birthday! Happy anniversary! Merry Christmas! Happy Valentine's Day, Congratulations, and Just Because! We offer (3), (4), (5), and (6) hour cleaning gift certificates with afforable and reasonal rates. The gift certificates may have some restrictions such as distance, or specific cleaning tasks requested that SHC may not offer at this time. SHC services St. Mary's, Charles, and Calvert Co. Md. All gift certificate recipients home/business must be in one of these (3) counties. When we branch out to other areas, we will post it on the SHC website. Be sure to contact SHC for prices or for more information.

"Working four jobs between us and trying to see as many of our children's various activities as we could, made it near impossible to keep up with the necessary housework. Our problems were solved in that area when we hired Spare Hands Cleaning. Debi is dependable, professional and completely trustworthy, providing us with outstanding service. We do not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone looking for a cleaner house and more free time."

    -- Mike and Elinor S,   Hollywood, MD