(Commercial Cleaning)
  1. Vacuum & mop all hard floor surfaces.
  2. Vacuum carpeted areas.
  3. Clean interior windows as needed.
  4. Complete Restroom cleaning. Includes sanitizing & disinfecting.
  5. Clean kitchen/eating area, if any.
  6. Dust furniture.
  7. Dust countertops.
  8. Dust showroom displays, if any.
  9. Dust wall hangings.
  10. Dust wall & ceiling heat vents.
  11. Dust fans & light fixtures.
  12. Clean/dust baseboards as needed.
  13. Dust window blinds, if any, as needed.
  14. Cobweb check.
  15. Empty trash.
If you do not see a specific task listed, please ask. We may be able to accommodate your cleaning task needs.
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